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Dalaman is a small town with a population of 20 thousand people at the same time in the south-west of Turkey. Dalaman is a Turkish resort on the Aegean coast. 

Dalaman is a young resort that is gradually gaining popularity. In fact, it is a small city with a population of 20 thousand people near the airport. Among tourists, its small suburb - Sarigerme is in great demand. There are not so many vacationers here, the main feature of this place is not hotels and historical sights, but unique nature and citrus plantations. Those who like to have fun will be bored here; rest in these parts is designed for families with small children and retirees.

There is its own airport 6 kilometers from the city, but direct flights from Russia go only in summer (charter). In the rest of the year, you can fly by Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul or Ankara, or choose your own flight by making a transfer. You can get to the city by regular bus or order a transfer in advance.
Even in inconspicuous fishing villages, you will find a dozen taverns and street nooks where you can buy the freshest and very tasty food. Dalaman is no exception. Turkish cuisine is a blend of oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, rich in vegetables, herbs, spices and seafood. Be sure to try local sweets: Turkish delight, baklava, halva and the famous long-lasting ice cream-dondruma, prepared according to a strange secret recipe.

There are not many tourist attractions in the city except for the warm Mediterranean Sea and beautiful nature. If you want something historical, there are ruins of ancient settlements near the city: Lissay, Lidai, Kriya. There were no archaeological excavations here, so you will not see an “open-air museum” with a paid entrance and a guide, but the opportunity to see the ruins of ancient cities in “natural conditions”.

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