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Dalyan is a city and resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and in the past a fishing village. A small protected resort area is located at the mouth of the Dalyan River. 

Dalyan is Turkish Venice. This small resort town is cut by tiny streams and straits with icy water. This geographical feature makes the city very picturesque and the public transport diverse. Traveling in tiny boats is more interesting than taxi and bicycles.
Dalyan has a rich historical heritage. During the Byzantine period, it was a major seaport. Many ruins have survived to this day, indicating that the city was very rich and developed. Nowadays, due to the abundance of thermal springs, comfortable climate (there is no sweltering heat here), silence and low prices, British pensioners have chosen.

The nearest airport is in Dalaman, 29 kilometers away. During the tourist season (May-September) you can get there by charter flights from Russia. The rest of the time, you can change trains in Istanbul or take a bus or train from there.
You can get from the airport by bus, taxi or by a pre-booked transfer.
Dalyan is a small town, but the choice of cafes is huge. There are many street food stalls for quick and inexpensive snacks, and family restaurants with thoughtful cuisine, pleasant atmosphere and generous portions.

By the way, in most family restaurants there is no menu at all. There are several dishes that can be ordered today and changing snacks (soft cheese, vegetables, herbs, olives). Despite the seeming scarcity of the cuisine, everything is very tasty, satisfying and more than varied!

The ruins of the ancient city of Kavn are a must see in the suburb of Dalyan. It was inhabited by Greek colonies in the era of Antiquity. Now curious tourists can take a look at the age-old ruins. As with any open-air museum in Turkey, you will see the ruins of an amphitheater, market squares and residential buildings. This is a great place if you want to touch the ancient history.

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